How Essex Home Owners Are Adding Value To Their Properties

Essex Rooms garage conversion

Convert Your Garage In To A New Room

Most garages are filled with clutter. Instead of wasting this vital space, build a garden shed for storage and turn your garage into a new room for your house.

Is your garage effectively a storage space for junk? If so, you aren’t alone. Very few people actually use a garage for its intended purpose, housing a car. Rather, a large portion of your land is wasting away as an oversized storage container, and with that you’re saying a big fat ‘no’ to the prospect of increasing the value of your assets. Why not build a garden shed and use that as a storehouse instead?

The typical garden shed, easy to build and cheap to purchase, fulfils the same function as the average garage – storage. Moving your possessions into a shed frees up a whole new room attached to the side of your house. But what to do with all that space? Many of Essex’s home owners already have the answer – convert it into a brand new room and increase the value of your home. And with large homes in Great Baddow reaching record breaking prices, it’s no wonder than home renovations are so popular right now. Read on to find out how you too could increase the value of your property.

New Rooms

You can make countless improvements to your house to better utilise that wasted garage space. Although there are many kinds of garage conversions you can undertake, the most common involve transforming that space into a new or extended kitchen, creating a new living space or lounge, or adding a new bedroom. Many people are saving on expensive gym memberships by converting their garage into a gym. With gym memberships reaching £800 a year, and garage conversions costing around £12,000, you can pay for your own gym within 15 years – this may sound a long time, but remember, you’ll also add value to your home.

As these are the most popular options they are also the most likely to increase the value of your property. Converting your garage into another bedroom is an especially good idea for landlords or those looking to lease an individual room through a hosting company such as AirBnB, for example, a sure-fire way to increase the income from your property.


The questions most commonly associated with garage conversions focus on practicalities. Don’t be put off by the thought of gaining planning permission, the cost, or the conversion time. In actual fact, unlike building an extension to your house, a garage conversion doesn’t usually require any planning permission, as you are simply carrying out mostly interior work on an already existing part of your property. Traditionally constructed extensions can be expensive, but if you use modern materials, such as metal roof cladding, you can save money and have a better insulated home.

You do need to prove that your new room is habitable, and this is not usually a problem, although be sure to do further research before commencing work. In terms of cost, a garage conversion can actually save you money, especially if you’re in a situation where you desperately need a new bedroom. Compared with the cost of moving house or building an extension to meet your needs, a garage conversion is very cost effective and is usually a much quicker process. Many households have already proceeded with a garage conversion in Essex and are already seeing their return on investment.

Increasing Value

Of course, adding more living space to your house is always going to increase its value, especially if the new space is designed well. But with house prices in Essex continuing to rise, now is the ideal time to undertake the conversation to get the absolute best return on your investment.

Even if you aren’t planning to sell your house any time soon, a conversion is sure to benefit you in the future, and in the short term will give you a bigger, better looking interior. With all these benefits, can you really afford to leave the potential of your garage wasting away? Buy a shed, convert your garage, and reap the rewards!

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