Get A Better Sea View In Essex With A Loft Conversion


Essex Loft Conversions Provide Spectacular Sea Views

Loft conversions  are an excellent way to add an additional bedroom, home office or gym and even have the benefit of providing unexpected sea views, when you live close to the sea! If you’ve run out of room in your family home, then consider moving up in the world (quite literally!) by converting your loft space.

According to TV property expert Phil Spencer, a basic loft extension in the UK can add as much as 12.5% to the sale price of your house. However, estate agents Knight Frank have collected data to suggest that homes boasting a coastal view are worth almost 50% more than those in a similar location without one. Rather than moving physically closer to the sea, Southend home-owners are moving upstairs instead to obtain that lucrative sea view. It is amazing how many houses can see the sea from their rooftops and never realise.

Local home improvement experts  say that many Southend home-owners are recognising the trend of extending into their lofts and have discovered that the extra height to their house is giving them the unexpected bonus of a sea view. We are seeing that loft conversions in Essex are becoming more popular, especially in coastal areas such as Southend.

Benefits a Sea View Loft Conversion Will Bring

Aside from the obvious extra value that a sea view loft conversion will add to your property price, creating further space in your home can remove the hassle of needing to move if you are outgrowing your existing accommodation. A loft room could be used as an additional bedroom for a growing family, or as a home office, playroom, gym, hobby workshop or even a second lounge.

Don’t Attempt DIY

Whilst there are many types of home installation that are perfect for the average skills of a British DIY enthusiast, a loft conversion is not something that should be undertaken by anyone but a professional builder. This is because the structural safety of your house needs to be taken into consideration, as well as insulation, ventilation, fire safety, electrical and plumbing requirements.

Do I Have Enough Room In My Loft?

Generally speaking, most attic spaces that have at least 2 metres of head height at the highest point are able to be converted into a living space. You will not usually require planning permission to extend into your loft, as a standard conversion that does not alter the roof space is typically defined as being part of the permitted development to a property. However, you will certainly need to refer to the ‘Party Wall Act’ and Building Regulations before you begin work.

Access to the Loft

In order to gain access to your sea view loft room, you need to think about what sort of stairs you’ll use. Your loft might currently be accessed by a space-saving retractable ladder and trap door. However, if you’re turning your attic into a habitable room, then you will usually need to have a full or spiral staircase built which satisfies building regulations and is also a fire safety feature. Generally, the best place for new stairs is above the current ones, as you will not lose much space on the first floor, however, this is not always possible.

The cost of a loft project will generally range from £15,000 to £80,000 in the UK, depending on the size and type of the project including materials. If you weigh this against the cost of moving house, with expensive stamp duty, solicitors and estate agent fees, the price of a loft conversion can be similar if not significantly less.

Why not start off 2020 by investing in your house and enjoying a brand new sea view you didn’t know you had?

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