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Chelmsford TheatresThe Cramphorn Theatre in Chelmsford forms part of Chelmsford’s music, theatre and cultural centre. They have regular lunchtime music, plays, musicals, drama comedy evenings, films, lectures and talks, dance, opera, concerts and a Christmas panto.

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Chelmsford City Theatres

  • Fairfield Road, Chelmsford, Essex CM1 1JG
  • Box Office: 01245 606505
  • Email: [email protected]

The Essex Book Festival

The Cramphorn also hosts events as part of the annual Essex books festival.

Cramphorn Theatre’s Lunchtime Concerts

Every Wednesday lunchtime at 1pm there is a free concert (although a £1 donation is welcomed) at the Cramphorn Theatre. Do check with the theatre on the day to confirm the show is running – cancellations are possible.

The weekly music recital features anything from jazz to classical and is performed by local musicians. In association with Environ Music and Jeffery Wilson.

Jeffery Wilson, coordinator and long term contributor of the Cramphorn’s Lunchtime Concerts, is perhaps best known as a composer. He studied at the RCM, Cambridge and Paris and numbers among his teachers Herbert Howells, Gordon Jacob and Olivier Messiaen. His performances and recordings range from pop and jazz to classical and contemporary and he performs regularly with ‘Reedplay’, ‘Saxology’ and his own band ‘The Reduced History of Jazz’.

Comedy Showcase

Comedy Showcase is hosted at the Cramphorn, held on Saturday nights most months, featuring the country’s top comedians.

Film Festivals

In 2010 The Cramphorn Theatre celebrated its 10th birthday with a film festival. The festival was called “The Little Big Screen Film Festival 2010“.

The Cramphorn’s manager, Tom Johnson, who has been involved in the Cramphorn film project since it started in 1999, decided that a film festival would be an ideal way to celebrate 10 years of fringe film in Chelmsford.

“I felt like celebrating 10 years and we had a week in February that was free. So, we decided we would have a film festival. What we will do is choose the most popular film from people’s votes and nominations and screen it next year.”

Highlights included a chance to see the Alfred Hitchcock directed, ‘North by Northwest’ and the new Penélope Cruz movie, ‘Broken Embraces’.Maybe in a few years Chelmsford will be rivalling the Cannes Film Festival!

For forthcoming films at the Cramphorn visit the Chelmsford Gov’s Cramphorn Film website.


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