Essex Branding Strategists Rebrand Themselves

Ballyhoo Creative's website

Goodbye Alexander Rose Creative, hello Ballyhoo Creative!

A Witham based branding, marketing and design house has followed its own advice and rebranded. Previously called Alexander Rose Creative, the marketing firm set up by Alex Barton decided that it was time for a new image, and Ballyhoo Creative was born.

The name Ballyhoo was chosen as it better represents the company as a vibrant and dynamic design and marketing firm. Ballyhoo’s creative director, Alex Barton, points out that ballyhoo means “noisy attention-getting demonstration, flamboyant, or sensational promotion or publicity, excited commotion” which is very much what they aim to achieve for their clients.

“We wanted to create a brand identity that took the name Ballyhoo and formalised it with a strong typographical direction; to convey a sense of collaboration and personal imprint to our existing and prospective clients.” Alex Barton.

The new brand of course comes with a brand new website, (screenshot below), where you can find out about all their services.

Ballyhoo have an impressive national client base which includes Fred, Olsen Cruises, The Independent, The European Business Awards and United Business Media. They have helped many Essex businesses too, such as Rivenhall Hotel, NHS South West Essex, Vibe Fitness and Chelmer Marquees.

They formed in 2005 when Alex Barton and Rose Barton formed their own marketing and graphic design business. Their mission was to make great branding and marketing affordable to all, and their diverse client base proves that they are achieving this.

Over the last 7 their business has grown from strength to strength and they have recruited new team members too:

  • Nigel Barton has come in as the business development and strategy manager
  • Raj Olickel looks after international businesses
  • Mark Underwood is the senior graphic designer & production manager

Rose Barton is still the senior creative and graphic illustrator while Alex Barton is now more focused in management and client relations.

Earlier this year they shared with us some marketing tips and also featured one of their latest innovations, Online Digi-Brochures, which are providing businesses with a smart and effective online presence.

You can learn a fair amount from their own website how a business should market itself online. They have both their and pages linked up so their clients can immediately engage with their business. You can also see client feedback on their website and read their blog which features the latest news and trends in marketing, branding and design.

Ballyhoo are certainly practising what they preach. In this fast paced multimedia and digital age it is vital to always innovate and explore new options and opportunities to stay ahead of the competition.

Ballyhoo Creative believes in delivering high impact and consistent brand identity, marketing and graphic design strategies and solutions aimed at achieving not only long-term recognition but also measurable results for businesses. For further information, call 01376 516686 or visit

Ballyhoo Creative's website

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