5 WOMAA Gold Medals Brought Back to Essex

David Gould MMA Gold
"Wanted this since I first got into the GB squad over two years ago. Dedicated to Tony and Kellie Willis, who have demonstrated more fighting spirit than anyone I know, especially in the last few months." Mike Brooks with Tony Willis.

Between the 17th and 19th August 2012 the The World Organization of Martial Arts Athletes held the WOMAA World Martial Games XIII at the Telford International Centre. Essex’s 5 Elements Martial Arts club took a team of 6 fighters to compete in Kickboxing, Submission Grappling, K1, MMA and GI Grappling.

5 Elements brought back 5 Gold Medals, plus 2 silver and a bronze. Simon Best won 2 golds, winning the 81 kg and Openweight GI Grappling and also took silver in the 81 kg submission grappling, bring home 3 medals.

Mike Brooks won gold in the 81kg kickboxing, David Gould won gold in the 75kg MMA contest and Matt Shipton won gold in the 75kg K1 contest.

Danny Holt won Silver 67kg Submission Grappling and 5 Elements’ only female fighter, Liz Warren, won bronze in the  56kg Ladies Kickboxing.

Overall this is an excellent result for the 5 Elements Team. Tony Willis, head coach and founder of 5 Elements Martial Arts said;

“Well done to all the team, plus thanks to Wesley Scott for helping in the organising of the fighters and working in the corner with me.”

David Gould MMA Gold
David Gould, 75kg MMA Gold. "Just wanna say a big thanks 2 Tony willis and everyone @5elementsuk and everyone who has supported/rooted for me 🙂 couldn't of done it wivout u guys !!".


The World Organization of Martial Arts Athletes was founded in 1998 by Bruce C. Smith ( 7th Degree Black in AKKI American Kenpo), to host a world class martial arts tournament every year in a different country.

The aim is to bring together many martial arts styles to fight and compete for medals. The competition is open of all styles and ranks and includes individual competitions in MMA, K1 (kickboxing rules that allow knee strikes and thigh kicks), Kickboxing, No Gi submission grappling, weapons, freestyle Jujitsu, freestyle Judo and many other styles. Learn more on the WOMAA website.

5 Elements Martial Arts

5 Elements Martial Arts is based in Basildon. It was founded by Tony Willis. Tony started teaching kung-fu and kickboxing at schools in Basildon and Wickford before opening his own club in Basildon. 5 Elements teaches adults and children in a range of martial arts styles.

If you are interested in learning a martial art, whether for fitness or to compete in kickboxing, MMA, K1, grappling or to learn kung-fu, visit 5 Elements Martial Arts for more information or telephone 01268 330050 / 07713 161164.

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