Essex Lion Reaches Chelmsford

Not the Essex Lion
Not the Essex Lion
Not the Essex Lion – the real one is below!

When I heard that there was a lion on the loose in the Clacton area, I admit, it did not concern me. However, yesterday a friend pointed out that a mountain lion can cover 25 miles in one night, I did start to worry a little. I locked my front door and closed the patio door before going to bed.

This morning I awoke to hear a low rumbling from outside my window. I assumed that it was thunder, but the skies were blue (for a change). I opened my front door and to my horror a fully grown mountain lion was staring at me in the knees! He was hiding in my bush, no doubt planning to ambush the postman.

However, within seconds of taking this photo, he was gone. We had a zoologist study this photo and they are certain that it is certainly a lion, however, its posture suggests that it could be a soft cuddly toy, and not actually a real lion. But when did soft cuddly toys learn to roar?

The Essex Lion
The Essex Lion – Spotted on the Outskirts of Chelmsford

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