Broadband Replaces Pubs and Shops In The Property Market

BT Engineers Installing Infinity Broadband Cables in Great Baddow, nr. Chelmsford
BT Installing Infinity Broadband Cables in Great Baddow, Chelmsford
BT Installing Infinity Broadband Cables in Great Baddow, Chelmsford

It seems that the old house hunting rule of “location, location, location” is still alive an well, even in the modern world of 3G (soon 4G) and super fast, wirelesss Internet. However, Broadband Choices, a consumer website which reviews broadband suppliers throughout the UK, have found that nowadays house hunters are more concerned with access to a good Internet connection than proximity to a good pub.

There was a time when local amenities were of utmost importance when choosing a new home. To be able to walk to a bakers and butchers, to have a post office nearby and a welcoming, friendly pub, were considered the most important features of a location, along with good schools for new families and off street parking. However, the decline in pubs and the rise of the digital age has finally changed this. The most important factor for many is to have access to a fast and reliable Internet connection.

Fortunately large parts of Essex have been upgraded to the best broadband cables available. BT have been laying their super-fast fibre optic cables in and around Chelmsford in recent years, and other providers such as Sky are introducing new services.

1 in 5 People Check Broadband Before Moving

The survey carried out by Broadband Choices found that 1 in 5 people check broadband connections before considering an area to move to. Furthermore, 1 in 10 house hunters had abandoned plans to purchase a house after discovering that it was not well connected.

In the past people used to arrange for gas and televisions to be set up before moving, but these days 20% of people organise their new Internet connection before worrying about those less important services such as heating and television. The only service considered more important than broadband is finding an electric supplier!

Properties With Good Internet Worth More

Properties with a good Internet service are now worth more. 33% of people questions would pay as much as 5% more for a property with a good Internet connection. This can add £15,000 to a £300,000 house.

“As with south-facing gardens and good schools, people are now on the hunt or homes with fast broadband – it’s a sign of the times” Bob Delaney, Delaney’s Estate Agents, Essex.

Fortunately much of Essex is now very well connected, and with the new investments in the Essex railways Essex continues to be a popular county.

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