Everest Gurkha Brings Nepalese Cuisine to Chelmsford


gurkha-restaurantIf you have never tasted Nepalese food before then you really should pay a visit to Everest Gurkha in Chelmsford. There are few opportunities to try Nepalese in the UK, and this is certainly one of the best.

Everest Gurkha is owned by Harka Saura. He described Nepalese cuisine as a combination of Indian, Bangladeshi and Chinese, which means that it ticks all the right boxes as these are the most popular non-British cuisines in the UK.

As well as great music they also arrange entertainment, with jazz nights and traditional performances of Nepalese folk dancing

On the menu you will find delights such as the succulent Gurkha Lamb; Sunkosi Salmon, which is marinated overnight in mustard and herbs before being chargrilled; Mish Mash Masu, a classic dish inspired by army cooking which consists of char-grilled lamb,boneless chicken and king prawn. Another surprise is Tandoori Venison, a combination of British game with a a classic eastern twist. They also do a Salmon Curry. You can find their whole menu here.

They also do takeaways, ideal if you wish to sample a dish or two before booking a table.


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