Colchester Homebrew Supplies (Plus Van Deliveries)

Just seen an interview on BBC News with Andy Saddler of Colchester Homebrew Supplies. His business was purely a van delivery business until the recession started to bite. Also during the Christmas 2010 period demand for his services fell dramatically.

However, Andy is a quick thinking businessman and spotted an opening in the market, and opened a home brew store called Colchester Homebrew Supplies. He also has an online store.

This is a fantastic idea for a delivery firm. The cost of delivering goods can be quite high, however, Andy can reduce costs by using his own delivery drivers to supply his home brew customers.

Homebrew Provides a Double Pleasure

Andy Saddler told the BBC that home brew sales are increasing. He says homebrew provides a double pleasure. The first pleasure is in making wine or beer, experimenting with different ingredients to produce new flavours. The second pleasure is in drinking the results of your hobby!

Not all van deliver companies have suffered during the last year. We recently spoke with Chelmsford based delivery driver who confirmed that in 2010 business grew steadily and they had a successful Christmas period. Internet sales are increasing and for every product sold online there is an extra delivery slot needed. Some van drivers and focusing on this market and moving away from supporting the traditional high street stores.

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