Council Erect Speed Camera Above Potholes in Brentwood

Brentwood Pothole
Brentwood Pothole
Brentwood Pothole, as seen in the Daily Mail

We do not usually report on council matters here, but after spotting this story in the national news thought it is something worth sharing.

The Daily Mail reports that “the side of the road is littered with hubcaps that have come off when motorists have driven through the huge pothole too fast and numerous drivers have suffered split tyres.”

In Kelvedon Hatch, near Brentwood, there is a giant pothole. It measures over a feet in length and almost as wide. It is a danger to road users and may well be causing serious mechanical faults that could manifest later – that is to say, it could potentially lead to some very dangerous situations on the road.

However, Essex County Council decided that rather than fix the road to making driving safer, they instead just painted new painted speed lines over the pothole so that the speed camera can accurately record speeding motorists.

However, it is not all bad news. The pothole is due to be repaired within the next few days.

Really we should all be grateful – Essex County Council are repairing the road and they are updating their speed cameras and the white lines. It is really just unfortunate that the painting was done before the repairs.

In an organisation as large as Essex County Council it can be hard to ensure that all areas are working together. This is true for any large business, especially one that may be underfunded.

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