Essex County Council Chooses Sodexo For Meals-on-Wheels

Essex County Council has chosen Sodexo to provide its meals on wheel service which it provides to around 1350 elderly and vulnerable people living in Essex.

Meals will actually be supplied Tillery Valley, a subsidiary of Sodexho. Tillery Valley are based in Abertillery, Wales, and provide meals for schools, healthcare and local authorities. 

Tillery Valley are capable of producing a million meals a week, which can mean feeding around 50000 people 3 meals a week. Tillery Valley also strive to be greener and aim to reduce their carbon footprint each year. They also recycle 80% of all waste – before going green they sent 85% of waste to landfill.

Safe and Well Checks

The service provides more than just meals, delivery drivers also check that recipients are safe and well, ensuring that they are in general good health, that their homes are secure and they are not in need of any further assistance. For many elderly people this is the only daily contact that they receive.

Tillery Valley currently serve 89 NHS trusts and 26 local authorities in the UK. You can learn more about the company now serving Meals on Wheels in Essex on their website:


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