Stroke Patients Benefit From New Saebo Equipment

Nikki Idowu, Mrs Doris Nash and a Saebo
Nikki Idowu, Mrs Doris Nash and a Saebo
Nikki Idowu, Physiotherapy Clinical Specialist and Mrs Doris Nash using the SaeboTM to aid her stroke recovery.

Local people having rehabilitation following a stroke are now benefitting from a new piece of equipment that helps them to improve movement in their affected arm and hand.

The South West Essex Community Services stroke specialist hub team, who provide inpatient and community rehabilitation for patients within the first two years of a stroke, recently secured NHS innovation funding of £15,000 for the SaeboTM hospital treatment kit. The kit, which includes a mechanical ‘splint’, arm support and a hoist, helps to optimise upper limb recovery through providing support to the weakened wrist, hand, and fingers.

Nikki Idowu, Physiotherapy clinical specialist explains: “This piece of equipment is of benefit to patients who need help to re-develop movement in their upper limb following a stroke. The patient needs to already have a little movement in their arm, hand and fingers. The tension springs in the splint support movement, positioning the wrist and fingers in preparation for activity and assisting to re-open the hand to release objects.”


The SaeboTM equipment means we can now offer more in the way of intervention to more of our stroke inpatients in Brentwood Community Hospital, improving their quality of life and getting them home sooner.”

The equipment has also led to greater collaborative working between the specialist stroke HUB service and the integrated community therapy teams across south west Essex, which improves the ongoing support patients receive following a stroke.”

Doris Nash’s Recovery

Mrs Doris Nash, pictured above, lives in Wickford and has recently returned home after receiving inpatient care from the Stroke Specialist HUB team at Brentwood Community Hospital, following a recent stroke. Mrs Nash used the SaeboTM equipment during her inpatient stay to aid her stroke recovery.

A Press Release from North East London NHS Foundation Trust.

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