Essex Police Seize Illegal Cars for Mechanics Students to Play With

This is a great story of how the police can fight crime and help the local community at the same time. Essex Police have loaned some seized cars to student mechanics at the South Essex College in Basildon.

11 cars have recently been seized by police from owners who had been driving them without insurance. The cars are then given to the local college so that students can get some real hands on experience with tinkering and repairing vehicles with no fear of damaging their own or teachers vehicles. Once the tutorials are over the cars are then taken by the police to be scrapped.

It is such as simple idea it is excellent. Previously the college would have to buy cars from a local scrapyard to work on, but now they get free cars.

The law states that once a car has been confiscated by the police for traffic offences, such as driving without insurance, then the police cannot return the car to the owner. They will all be scrapped anyway, so by lending them to the local college the cars can serve the community for a little before being scrapped for their parts.

South Essex College believe that working on modern cars will provide their students with an advantage over other students competing for the same jobs and apprenticeships in the area. Although many students tinker with their own cars and other college owned cars, these are often much older than the cars they will deal with once they join the workforce.

If you are interested in learning more about South Essex College and the courses that they offer visit their website: They specialise in courses such as BTECs and A levels, offer part-time and full-time options and help students get apprenticeships and life skills to improve their long-term career prospects.

They are having an open event on Thursday 19th January 2012 from 5-8pm at the Thurrock Campus in Woodview, Grays.

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