Guide To Local Health Services in South East Essex

A guide with up to date information about local health care services is
available on NHS South East Essex’ website
<> .

The e-booklet entitled “Your guide to local health services 2010/11”,
published by NHS South East Essex, contains an abundance of useful
contact numbers, including information about local NHS dentists, GP
practices, pharmacies, and opticians. A variety of other useful
telephone numbers for local health services and helplines are also
featured in the guide. The guide can be downloaded and printed at local
libraries, should residents not have internet access at home.

Information about how NHS South East Essex spends its budget is
included. Local residents can also find out more about how they can
have their say when it comes to local healthcare services by sharing
feedback and being more involved in the decision making process.

Chairman for NHS South east Essex, Katherine Kirk, said: “There are so
many local health services available across south east Essex and by
having all the information in one place, not only can people get quick
access to their GP or dentist’s phone number, they can also find out
more about a wealth of other local services that might be of interest to

For more information, contact the communications team: 01702 224616 or
email [email protected]

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