Does Your Business Need a Pro Blogger?

The Internet continues to grow rapidly with new opportunities arising from social media all the time. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+, there are always new ways to reach out to your customer base.

If you have a business website then you may be missing out on another way to draw in new clients, a way that is often far more effective that using social media or PPC / Adwords advertisements. A simple blog on a website can really drive more business. But how?

Google loves fresh and unique content on websites. It does not want to index the same content multiple times and it also favours fresh content, that is content that have been written recently on a subject that is “trending”. This is the “Quality Deserves Freshness” factor in the Google algorithm. The fact that Google has given it has a name is a very strong indicator that it is a very important part of the search engine today.

Of course, if you are busy running a business then you probably do not have time to also research the latest industry news and write an interesting and informative blog for your clients to read. This is why so many businesses today hire freelance professional bloggers and copywriters.

A pro-blogger is essentially a modern day journalist who knows how to research the newest and most important industry news and then write an article which is interesting, SEO optimised and specific to your business. The result is that when people search for information in Google, such as “changes to employment law” from an Essex location (Google is also starting to provide searchers with more local results based on IP addresses and previous search patterns) then your website which has recently discussed the topic is far more likely to come up in the search results pages. This means that a local person is more likely to find your business and you have just won a new lead.

One this process is multiplied, with a weekly blog on your industry, then you will start to realise the real potential of having a freelance copywriter producing regular content for your website. So why wait? Start you new business blog today.

One Comment on “Does Your Business Need a Pro Blogger?”

  1. Whilst I don’t agree with your definition of a pro blogger I do agree businesses should consult with one. I have seen marketing “experts” advocate digital sharecropping for business blogging and all kinds of things that would have a problogger running for the hills screaming. Blogging isn’t for everyone, but those it is for should get decent advice.
    If the only site the problogger can make money from is their own “make money from blogging site” then I’d be very cautious about using them. But then I am a pro blogger and know what I am doing when it comes to generating business via blogging.

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