Haddocks Car Showroom Coming To Parsons Heath

Haddocks Car Show Room
Haddocks Car Show Room
Site of Proposed New Show Room

Parsons Heath, which forms part of the Harwich Road (A137), may soon have a new state-of-the-art car show room. 

Haddocks currently have a Hyundai show room on Fox Street in Ardleigh where they sell new and used cars. Haddocks have applied to renovate the current site that used to have the Watts Car Sales show room on it, but was abandoned 4 years ago.

Haddocks own the old Watts Car Sales and have applied to Colchester Council for permission to rebuild the site. Colchester Borough Council are enthusiastic about the application, Paul Smith said that it is always good to see new investment in Colchester.

Local residents will have the opportunity to give their opinion on the plans and to ensure that building a new show room will not negatively impact their interests.

The building as stored Hyundai cars in the past, so it has been in use by the car dealer. Now the site will be transformed from a garage to a stylish show room.

Previous owners of the site had applied for permission to convert the land into residential properties, however Colchester Council rejected these plans.

The site is located on the mini-roundabout at the junction of Parsons Heath and St. Johns Road.

12 New Jobs

It is thought that the project will provide 12 new jobs, and it is hoped that most of these will be from the local area.


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