My Plaice, The New Coppice Hatch Fish and Chip Shop Opens

Coppice Hatch in Harlow now has a fish and chip shop thanks to local shop keeper Oz Sadiq. Oz opened My Plaice after consulting with local residents.

He needed to diversify his business after Passmores School moved away from his area and decided to ask the neighbourhood what they wanted. Fish and Chips was the most common asnwer!

Oz has reported that just 4 weeks after opening for business, My Plaice is doing so well that he is now considering opening another fish and chip shop.

Corporate Functions and Events

Much of his success stems from the fact that he is not just selling to local residents but also catering for corporate functions and events.

Healthier Food and Greener Packaging

Oz uses high-quality groundnut oil instead of the usual sunflower oil, which is apparently a healthier choice that gives the chips and other fried foods a better taste.

Also, all of Oz’s meals, of which fish and chips is just one item on the menu, are served in cardboard boxes rather than the polystyrene dishes that are so commonly used nowadays. The food boxes also keep the fish and chips separate rather than using the more traditional method of wrapping the meal with the fish laying on top of the chips.

These are much more environmentally friendly as they are cheaper to produce and use less resources and they also biodegrade much faster.

My Plaice is on the Coppice Hatch parade of shops on Partridge Road in Harlow.

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