McDonalds on the A12 at Boreham is Modernised

The McDonalds restaurant at the Boreham Interchange on the A12, north of Chelmsford, has had a £1.1 million upgrade which has increased its capacity and created 20 new jobs for locals.

McDonalds are currently refurbishing all of their branches in the UK as a part of their modernisation. They now aim to provide a more relaxed, more comfortable and more stylish eating experience.

Gone are the plastic chairs, McDonalds now has comfortable arm chairs and high stools against bars for diners. Some new outdoor tables have been added to some stores for alfresco dining in better weather. Wood and stone are now the key interior building materials instead of the classic plastic. There is a new play area for children too, and if you are in need of an Internet connection you can hop on to their free wi-fi service.

McDonalds is also reducing its carbon footprint with energy efficient hand driers, low energy bulbs to illuminate tables and water saving urinals.

McDonald’s staff members are also better catered for with a new “crew room” which provides a quiet area for study as well as the traditional locker areas for safe storage of personal goods.

The improvements have also seen a new managerial role created plus new team member roles.

So far McDonalds has invested £300 million in its UK restaurants. It started with its high street stores and is finishing the project now with its drive-thru’s and out of town developments. It is expected that all restaurants will be updated by the end of 2012.

Where is McDonalds in Boreham?

  • Boreham Interchange
  • Drovers Way, Springfield, Chelmsford
  • 01245 461 155

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2 Comments on “McDonalds on the A12 at Boreham is Modernised”

  1. hi my granddaughter does not eat Christmas dinner so i thought i’d surprise her by getting her a happy meal so i wondered if you are open Christmas this year? Many thanks xxx

  2. Hi Angie, this message probably will not be seen by McDonalds staff, you need to contact them direct.

    Although, why not make your own burgers? They are tastier and cheaper, and you can have fun on Christmas day making them. Great site for recipes here:

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