Sports Memorabilia Brings New Life To A Forgotten Alley Chelmsford

Update: Unfortunately this shop has closed down.

While walking along Chelmsford High Street the other day I could not help noticing a sign sitting opposite the end of Shire Passage just between HSBC and Jessops. The sign was advertising signed sports memorabilia. Curious, I took a detour to investigate. Shire Alley has always been a dark and deserted link between the High Street and Tindal Street. Rarely used by anyone.

What I found was a pleasant surprise. A small shop stacked with exciting sports memorabilia with a large selection of boxing and football items, plus other celebrity merchandise.

Amongst the boxing items were many signed boxing gloves, including many of the main heavy weights from the last 20 years – Mike Tyson, Frank Bruno, Lennox Lewis, Nigel Benn. Plus some newer start such as Haymakers shorts, and signed photos of Ricky Hatton and Joe Calzaghe. What really struck me was the size of the heavy weight boxing gloves – almost the size of my head. Being hit by Mike Tyson must have been like being pounded by medicine balls flying out of a cannon.

I chatted to the shopkeeper, Daisy. She was very enthusiastic about the stores future, confirmed that the store had only just opened, and that I had not somehow missed the shop hidden down the alley all these years. There was previously a solicitor where the shop is now, but I think that I can be forgiven for not noticing that.

If your partner of family are into sport, especially football or cricket, then this store could make buying those last minute Christmas presents a lot easier!

You can call them direct on 01245 355000. They have a new website too:

Memorabilia Way
Shire Passage,
Chelmsford High Street

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