Chelmsford Medical Centre Saved

Fenton House in Chelmsford
Fenton House in Chelmsford
Fenton House in Chelmsford, home of the Chelmsford Medical Centre

The Chelmsford Medical Centre on New London Road has been saved from closure after a buyer was found. The previously company which was running it went into administration in August 2012 following liquidity problems – they were short of cash.

The new managers of the Chelmsford Medical Centre, Aspen Healthcare, have a very healthy cash flow with an annual turnover of around £2,000,000.

20 Jobs Saved

Aspen have taken over the running of the medical centre already and as a result 20 local jobs have been saved. There has been no disruption to patients.

This deal is fantastic news for the Chelmsford Medical Centre and its patients, who would have had to find alternative care if it had closed down.

Aspen are very pleased with the deal too, realising that the Chelmsford Medical Centre is an excellent facility which will enhance their portfolio.

Chelmsford Medical Centre

The Chelmsford Medical Centre is a private health clinic which provides a range of treatments for issues such as back and neck pain, mental health, men’s and women’s health issues, cosmetic treatments, eyes and vision and also diagnostic testing. You do not need private healthcare insurance to use the centre and can pay on a per-day basis.

The treat diabetes related conditions, anxiety and eating disorders, erection problems, male and female menopause, and treat chronic and acute back pain.

Other treatments include a combination of holistic and more conventional treatments, such as acupuncture, bunion surgery, dermatology, diabetic screening, gastroenterology, heel pain, excessive sweating , hyperhidrosis), ibs symptoms, ibs treatment, ingrown toenail treatment, nutrition and dietetics, orthopaedics, osteopathy, pain medicine, physiotherapy, podiatric surgery, podiatry, private gp, reflexology, vaccinations, varicose vein treatment, vascular health.

  • Fenton House, 85-89 New London Road, Chelmsford, Essex, CM2 0PP
  • Tel: 01245 253760
  • Email us: [email protected]

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