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kids playing on Frinton beach
Frinton Sands, one of Essex’s Best Beaches

If you are considering moving to Essex then the only way to learn about Essex is from Essex Portal! Here we provide some valuable information on the country’s favourite county.

Why Is Essex Such A Good Place To Live?

Essex is a prosperous county in the South East of England. It has excellent communications links with fast commuter services into London City. There are 2 international airports (Southend and Stansted) and London City Airport is on the border with London too. From Harwich you can take a ferry to the Hook of Holland and the M25 motorway provides quick access to the rest of the country.

Essex boasts some of the best state schools in the country too, with its grammar schools often featuring at the top of the country league tables.  There are also many very well respected independent schools too.

Essex has some excellent coastline and several traditional sea-side towns. There are also numerous golf courses, nature reserves, woodland parks and waterways for leisure and recreation. There are many places to fish if where you can enjoy coarse fishing on rivers, lakes and in the sea.

Some of the country’s biggest and best shopping centres are in and around Essex, with the Lakeside shopping centre in Thurrock, Bluewater just over the Dartford crossing in Kent and Westfield Shopping Centre in Stratford.

Essex is also home to England’s newest city, Chelmsford, which was also once rated as the 8th best place to live in the UK on Channel 4’s Location, Location, Location.

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  1. Essex is brilliant. Moved here from Lincs 7 years ago and loving it. And Essex is not flat – at least, if you have lived in Lincs, it is not!

  2. I know Essex is a lovely place, was born here 58 years ago, check out Saffon Walden, Market town. Whatever you do don’t venture towards London and enter Tottenham, you will think you are in Africa. enjoy.

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