Gilston Park Estate – Essex Garden Village

gilston park estate village

Gilston park estate village
Today the government announced plans to build 14 new garden villages across the the UK, with two within Essex. Essex will house the Gilston Park Estate, which straddles the Essex-Herts border, and also another garden village in Dunton Hills (more info).

Six New Villages

The Gilston Park Estate will see 8,500 new homes built in a series of six villages, each of which will have its own character. There will be a full range of new housing options, likely to include social housing, affordable homes, and flats, terraced housing, and larger semi-detached and detached family homes.

Schools, Health, Leisure and Community

£500 million has been allocated to the development of the local infrastructure, which new schools, doctor surgeries and other health facilities, leisure and community facilities.

The project will also help to regenerate parts of Harlow and provide homes for East Herts, which has an urgent need for new homes.

The villages will include green spaces, providing both park areas for recreational activities and more natural spaces for wildlife enjoyment.

Naturally, there are some concerns of how this will affect people who live in the village of Gilston and the neighbouring Eastwick, which has a parish population of only 228 people.

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