Bodybuilding In Essex

The Old Ioon Works

Essex has many gyms – it possibly has more gyms per head of population than any other county in the UK. However, not all gyms are geared up for serious bodybuilders – many are great for general fitness and provide a wide variety of exercise machines and fitness classes. But if you are only interested in bodybuilding, it’s a great idea to head to a gym where you will be welcomed and encouraged by your fellow gym goers. So, where do Essex’s biggest and strongest men and women train?

Old Ironworks Gym – Maldon

The Old Ioon Works

Billed as “The Friendliest Gym in Maldon”, the Old Ironworks Gym offers Bodybuilding Gym Free Weights, Machines, Cardio Equipment, and a tanning room with stand-up Sunbed.

Xtreme Muscle Gym – Danbury

xtreme muslce gym

In Danbury, this small but well equipped bodybuilding gym provides a relaxed environment in which to train. They also run circuit training classes, boxing and boot camps. It also has a cafe where you can order a protein shake or a meal.

Victory-Fitness & Bodybuilding Gym – Maldon

Victory-Fitness is a friendly family owned Gym run by Bodybuilding competitors.

Fitness Factory Gym – Witham

Friendly gym that offers personal training for all levels, with a good selection of gym equipment.


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