Are You Ready For Sport To Return To Essex?

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As more coronavirus lock-down rules are eased, we are finally seeing sport return to Essex. Today (9th July) the government updated its Guidance for the public on the phased return of outdoor sport and recreation in England. Outdoor sports courts and other outdoor sporting activities have been permitted to reopen if those responsible for them are ready to do so and they can do so safely, following COVID-19 Secure guidelines.

And you are now allowed to travel to sports venues again, so long as you are not self-isolating of course. Other key updates:

  • Athletics tracks can re-open
  • You can go fishing but only alone, with members of your household, or with up to, but no more than 5 other people.
  • You can play golf providing you only meet up with no more than 5 other people from a different household and observe social distancing guidelines.
  • You can ride a horse, providing that you are alone, with members of your own household or with no more than 5 other people from a different household.
  • People who play team sports can now meet to train together and do things like conditioning or fitness sessions but they must be in wholly separate groups of no more than 6 and follow social distancing guidelines.
  • You can play tennis providing you only meet up with no more than 5 other people from a different household
  • All forms of water sports practised on open waterways, including sailing, windsurfing, canoeing, rowing, kayaking, surfing, paddle-boarding and the use of privately owned motorised craft (in line with the guidance issued by the relevant navigation authority) are allowed provided that the guidance on social distancing is observed.

Soon our village greens will welcome back the sound of bat on ball as cricketers start to play again, and we expect other sports to follow suit very soon.

So, with all this sport that is coming back, other than getting joining in for fitness and fun, how else can we benefit?

Brush Up on Your Betting Knowledge

When it comes to sports, many come hand in hand with betting…the thrill and excitement of every goal scored and every race won becomes magnified when fans place a bet as it allows them to get involved first hand. But it’s not all as easy as you might think as betting has long been under scrutiny due to its ability to get out of hand when not enjoyed wisely, but with this guide, we will help you brush up on your betting knowledge on a betting calculator to ensure that you are ready to for the next big game, race or match by giving you a few tips on how to keep it light-hearted and fun.

Set Yourself a Budget

A big deterrent when it comes to betting is that people are worried when it comes to losing their money, but if you are smart about your spending and keep track of your bets, then you will have nothing to worry about. Only place down money that you are happy to lose if a sum of money will place you in financial hardship or strain you, do not bet with it as if you cannot afford to lose it then you shouldn’t, many make the mistake of letting their thinking be clouded by the possibility of winning as opposed to thinking about losing.

Modern betting is now very populated by online betting sites as opposed to in-person bookies and so this makes it easier to track your bets and therefore your spending, you can also cash-out early on a bet to reduce the risk of losing all your money.

Know What You’re Talking About

As with any type of betting, there are many different types of bets and it is important to know what you’re doing when betting so brushing up on your jargon is one of the first things you should do, here are a few common terms to get you started…

Horse racing betting …

Ante-post – this bet is placed in advance of the race, at least a day before and so the starting price is not set yet often allowing you to place bets for cheaper. But, the risk with placing a bet so early on is that the horse is not yet guaranteed o run and so you could lose out on your wager if they are to drop out of the race.

Football betting…

Match bet – for beginners, this is the easiest bet to place, you simply bet on the outcomes of the game. These bets give you a one in three chance of winning – win, lose or draw – and so do not offer a large payout for small wagers.

Player betting – there are many bets you can place on individual players during a match, such as a single-player scoring a goal at any time during the game, whether they will assist or even get booked first. Ods can change throughout the game and so many of these bets take place during all the action so its best to keep an eye on them as you could win more depending on when you place your bet.

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