Another Chemical Leak At Severalls Business Park

News just in: Another chemical leak has occurred at Severalls Business Park in Colchester (CO4 9HU). At the centre of the leak is Essex House, which is run by Essex County Council and staffed by Colchester council workers.

The leak started at around 10.45am this morning when some workers started to report that they were feeling unwell. By 11.30am Essex House had been evavuated. Several people were in need of oxygen therapy from emergency services.

Some workers are now angry that Essex County Council did not resolve the problem 10 days ago but still opened the offices to staff again. The first symptoms staff felt were headaches, nausea and dizziness.

Fire fighters entered the build just before 1pm, however they have been unable to find the cause. In a previous chemical incident just 10 days ago.

Currently the cause is still not known. One suggestion was that the boiler unit was cleaned with the wrong chemicals resulting on poisonous gases being spread through the ventilation and heating systems. Also some staff reported odd smells coming from other buildings on the business park.

The latest report was that the air conditioning is being tested and in the meantime the whole building will be closed for the next 2 days. If emergency services give the building the all clear in 2 days it is likely workers will be called back to the office again.

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