Southend Is The Most Pest-Free Place In The UK

A Bedbug

A BedbugAccording to a study it seems that if you want to avoid vermin and insects, Southend is your best bet.

The problems with pest control in the UK are getting worse. Areas like London and Birmingham are now hot spots for pests, while Southend-on-Sea had the lowest amount of reports between 2013 and 2014.

Recent Study

Throughout Britain the problems with pests have continued to increase. A study by the British Pest Control Association (BPCA) has given a detailed insight into the reasons why this has happened, and also the areas that have been affected the most.

Larger built up areas have suffered more with Birmingham reporting 14,812 cases of vermin in homes last year, which was 5% more than in 2013. London continues to be a major hot spot, with two thirds of England’s annual bed bug treatment made up of the North East and Greater London authorities.

So with these staggering numbers in many places in Britain it is encouraging to see areas like Southend, which is one of the best commuter towns in Essex, with such low percentages in pest reports. With only 0.03% of residents reporting problems with pests over a yearlong period. If you want to read the full study it can be found here or go to for plenty of other information.

Cut Backs

The increase of pest problems is mainly due to the amount of cutbacks of local councils. At least 20% of local councils in Britain have stopped offering any form of pest control due to changes in budget models.

So for areas that no longer have these systems in place it means that it’s the responsibility of the homeowner to seek the help of a pest control company. This can cause major issues in areas that suffer with such a high number of pest complaints, especially if residents are reluctant to fork out their own money to have it taken care of.

For an area like Southend where the pest control problem is at such a small percentage, it warrants less of a pressing concern to the local council compared to other issues. Although the local council don’t offer removal or treatment of pests, they do have Environmental Health to give guidance on how to treat infestations. So for pests that don’t actually require a call-out this can save you a lot of bother and provide peace of mind.

Pest Control Services

No matter what pest has infested your home it is always important to get it dealt with properly. Many people will attempt the do it yourself route which may work for a while but is not effective in the long run, and you will soon see pests reappearing.

Other areas in Essex where the councils still offer pest control services may not have as much need for hired help. But for those who don’t, getting a professional in is always the better option. A quick Google search will find you plenty of suitable services in your area, such as Essex Pest Control, who provide both commercial and residential pest control services.

If you’re really not a big fan of bugs, rats or mice, then Southend should be top of your list for places to go. For an area that doesn’t have pest control offered by the council, and still manages to have well under 1% of it’s residents reporting pests annually, that’s pretty good going. Well done Southend-on-Sea!

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