The Beaulieu Park Expansion and Luxury Old Lodge Court Development

North Chelmsford: Beaulieu
North Chelmsford: Beaulieu
North Chelmsford: Beaulieu

What To Expect From This Exciting New Site

Chelmsford has long been a hub for exciting property developments, and the recent Beaulieu Park  expansion looks set to elevate the area’s status even further.

Over the next 15 to 20 years, Beaulieu will become home over three thousand new homes – one of the biggest such developments in recent times. Within the Beaulieu area will be the luxury Old Court Lodge development, which is being hailed as one of 2015’s most exciting property developments.

So, what can potential residents expect from this new development, and how will it enrich the local area?

Beaulieu is an already popular area

Chelmsford is a city that has been steadily expanding since the 1970’s. Developments such as Chelmer Village, Chancellor Park and of course, Beaulieu Park, have made it a highly desirable place to live.

Beaulieu is rich in local history, being the site of one of Henry VIII’s Tudor palaces, Beaulieu Palace. Now New Hall School, this stunning building will be at the heart of the new Beaulieu development, allowing residents to reconnect with the history of the area.

Costing in the region of £1 billion, the development is set to boost the local economy and create jobs. When finished, it will boast 3,600 new homes, a business park, neighbourhood centre, three new schools and even a new railway station for the area.

In fact, it could be classed as an entire new town in itself, such is the scale of the project. Within this will be the Old Lodge Court Development, an eagerly awaited new luxury neighbourhood.

Old Lodge Court

Built close to the site of Old Lodge Farm, this new development is situated close to the White Heart Lane entrance to Beaulieu. Beaulieu was envisioned as a ‘landscape led development’, and this will be clear to see at Old Lodge Court.

Surrounded on one side by stunning open parkland and then leading around to a Village Heart and Village Green, this development will have the look and feel of a countryside retreat while being close to all the amenities that Beaulieu will offer.

Further away from the A12 and A30 than other parts of Beaulieu, it’s perfect for home-owners looking for somewhere a little bit more secluded.

Perfect for families

In fact, these properties are being marketed as more ‘off the beaten track‘ options for buyers – and we think that it would make an ideal area for families, especially those with young children.

Those couples thinking of starting a family in the near future will be able to picture their children making the most of the neighbouring parkland. There will even be allotments and communal gardens nearby, perfect for kindling that community spirit that can be lacking in some modern developments.

Interest is set to be high

If you’re already interested, then there is some good news for you. Old Lodge Court looks set to be included in Phase 1 of the Beaulieu expansion.

That means that properties will be available to buy from summer 2015 – and we recommend showing interest sooner rather than later. We expect to see properties appearing in estate agents in Chelmsford very soon; Balgores Low have confirmed that they will be helping to market the new properties as they become available.

After all, a development that offers all of the tranquillity of the countryside alongside all the modern comforts of the city is sure to be popular. Factoring in the positive impact it will have on the area with new shops and transport links, we don’t expect these properties to be on the market for too long.

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