The Thrift Green Trotters from Brentwood Campaign for New Athletics Track

Relay Runner training on running trackA group of runners and athletes from Brentwood are campaigning to have an athletics and running track built in Brentwood. Currently runners have to travel to Basildon or Chelmsford if they wish to train on a proper running track.

The Thrift Green Trotters are asking for an all weather running track to be built at the Brentwood Centre in time for the London 2012 Olympic Games. A running track would benefit all the schools in the area and may help to put athletics back on the school agenda once again, helping Essex’s would be athletes to achieve their physical potential and create more fitness role models in the community to help combat the obesity epidemic that is slowly gripping out county.

“This would be available to the whole community. The schools could go there so they wouldn’t have to commute or be bussed out to other venues and there are a number of very good clubs in the area who would benefit. We want to make the track available to everyone in Brentwood. At the moment people have to go to Chelmsford or Basildon.” Thrift Green Trotters chairman Brian Harding.

The proposed track would include a viewing stand and disabled access and viewing platforms. The estimated cost is £750,000, which is the same as the cost for Brentwood’s new Olympic trampolining centre.

The track will provide a sports hub for local schools, community athletics groups and running clubs and could even be used for national competitions. The idea is not actually a new one, as the Liberal Democrats drew up plans for an athletics stadium when they held Brentwood Town Hall. A total of £100,000 had already been obtained by the council for the development of the athletics stadium.

If the Thrift Green Trotters can get Brentwood Council to agree to the proposal they can then start raising funds for the project. Brentwood Lib Dems are still involved in the campaign, as David Kendell (Lib Dem) is arranging for Cllr Louise McKinlay and Jacqui Robins (director of resources) to meet with The Thrift Green Trotters to discuss the proposals and hopefully come to an agreement.

“I think this is something the whole community can get behind. It’s important for all ages in Brentwood, not just the young but also older residents who want to use that kind of facility. I think it would be great for the town. It is a tremendous opportunity for Brentwood and gets my full backing.” Cllr Kendall

Even though Brentwood lost out to hosting the Olympic Mountain Biking events, it is still building on its athletics infrastructure with a new trampolining centre and hopefully a new running track too. This is certainly good news for Essex’s budding athletes. There could be some future Olympic Champions just waiting for the opportunity to test their natural talent.

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