Roof and Loft Insulation Scams in Essex?

In the last few months we have heard from people who have received telephone calls offering free roof insulation. We are trying to determine if these are complete scams, maybe a partial con or completely legitimate.

Remember, it costs a lot of money to phone up every household in Essex so any company doing this is hoping to make a good return on that investment.

We shall do some research on this matter and then update this story.

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Fishing in Chelmsford

Essex Fishing Lakes and Rivers

Essex has some great fishing spots. While big lake fishing opportunities are relatively few and far between, there are many excellent smaller lakes, rivers, canals and reservoirs where you can fish.

The River Chelmer and River Cam are good spots for course fishing and Hanningfield Reservoir is a fantastic location for boat fishing. If you wish to try your hand at fly fishing then get in touch with Hanningfield Fly Fishing.

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